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Fernando Diaz

Не шутите с дронами.

   В наше время технического прогресса, даже пользуясь детским игрушечным дроном, можно угодить под реальный обстрел. И мало не покажется!


Saudi Forces: Not a Coup, a ‘toy drone’ shot down near royal palace in Tiyadh.

   Reports of heavy gunfire ongoing near Saudi’s King’s palace in Riyadh, SaudiArabia. The king has reportedly been evacuated to a bunker at a military base in the city. Casualties unclear appeared on twitter with a video purporting to be gunfire near the Palace in Riyad, footage that has not yet been confirmed.
An official Riyadh district police spokesman said that on Saturday, 5/8/1439 a security screening point in the Al-Khuzama district of Riyadh observervs spotted an unauthorized small, drone type remote-controlled recreational aircraft flying.  Security personnel dealt with it, according to the  Saudi Press Agency.

   While one of the initial reports suggested that the shooting erupted when the palace guards targeted a rogue drone which came too close to the king’s .




А они мне и на фиг не нужны!


Это логично.