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January 5th, 2019

Fernando Diaz

Красные ёлочки Белого Дома

   Мелания Трамп в этом году украсила Белый Дом красными ёлочками. Как говорят в администрации президента, "кроваво-красными".

   First Lady Melania Trump has defended this year’s White House stark tidings.
   “Everybody has a different taste,” Melania Trump said.
Speaking at a town hall conversation at Liberty University, the first lady was referring to her White House Christmas decorations and the kerfuffle they caused. Particularly the red topiary trees lining the East Colonnade. The entire nation has come to know the phrase “blood red,” as it became the stuff of late-night monologues.
It turns out taste these days — in Christmas decorations, at least — can be a litmus test for a person’s politics and how they feel about the Trump administration. Not even garland, string lights and candy canes are above partisan squabbling.
Melania Trump
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